In 2022 British workers took 185.6 million days of sick leave, according to a report published by the Office For National Statistics, with minor illnesses such as coughs and colds accounting for many of the absences. 
Over 14 million of those days were taken for mental health reasons, and a report by The Human Spaces, which surveyed 7,600 office workers across 16 countries, has found that the presence of nature in an office, such as plants, has a notable positive effect on the health of workers. 
Lets explore how well designed outdoor commercial landscaping and indoor office plants can make a difference and help your business cut down on sick days: 

1. Office plants increase productivity 

Studies show that after office plants are introduced, concentration increases; for those working with computers, the improvement can be as much as 15%. 
Indoor plants will remove excess carbon dioxide and increase oxygen, which helps staff to keep a clear head. If your office has just one plant per employee, this would reduce the excess carbon dioxide by 50%, and cut down on minor illnesses by as much as 30%. 

2. Commercial landscaping reduces stress 

In a study by Marcus and Barnes, it was found that over two-thirds of people will choose a natural setting to retreat to if stressed. If you're lucky enough to have an outdoor space suitable for commercial landscaping, you can really make a difference. 
In hospitals, the term 'healing gardens' is applied to green spaces which are specifically developed to improve health outcomes for patients and provide a necessary retreat for staff. Here, it's been shown that depression can be decreased by as much as 58%. 

3. Gardens promote socialising and exercise 

Humans are social creatures, and gardens can encourage interaction between employees, which improves mood and decreases stress levels. 
A commercial garden can also encourage exercise, and the physical benefits of exercising, even if as moderate as just walking, will have an impact on the overall health and wellbeing of your staff. 
As well as being able to provide landscaping for your space, we also offer commercial grounds maintenance, including but not limited to hedge trimming, grass cutting, litter picking or removal of fallen trees and branches. 
Boost health and increase productivity in your office, give Yvonne a buzz 07802 206280 or Contact Us here.  
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