It shouldn’t come as news to anyone that happier workplaces are much more productive; employees who enjoy coming to work will put more effort into their job, which will always pay dividends for the company they work for. 

Bring the outdoors in 

There are loads of ways to make your business a happier place to work; from dress-down days and charity fundraising to enjoyable workspaces and flexible working policies. 
We think one of the best ways to make your workplace happier is with some office plants. Never fear – we can hear the moans already – we offer a totally comprehensive service that means you don’t need green-fingered staff to keep these plants alive! 
Getting out and about in the great outdoors is one of the best ways to boost our mental health; but when we’re at work and that’s not an option, bringing the outdoors indoors is the next best thing. 
Not only can greenery provide a boost to your staff members, but it could also make customer-facing premises more inviting to customers, adding colour and interest to environments like car showrooms, shops and waiting rooms. 
We’ve got a brilliant range of pots and planters of all shapes and sizes so we can make sure our displays are in keeping with your existing interior décor – whether it’s classy and refined or modern and cool. 
We can choose the perfect plants for your business, taking into account the space, light levels and general feel – and crucially, we can visit fortnightly to prune, water and clean the plant and its planter, making it a low-effort way to upgrade your office or business. 
You can even be safe in the knowledge that we guarantee any plant which fails will be replaced free of charge on certain contracts. 
Get in touch to find out more about our services, which include commercial grounds maintenance as well as commercial office plants in and around the Milton Keynes area. Give Yvonne a buzz 07802 206280 or Contact Us here.  
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