When it comes to the benefits of plants in the workplace, you’ve probably thought of all the obvious ones – the improvement in the atmosphere for employees, leading to happier colleagues and increased productivity (some studies suggest having plants in the office at the rate of one per square metre can increase productivity by as much as 15%). You may well have thought of the environmental benefits that having plants in the office brings, providing cleaner air. 

But have you thought about using a green area as a team building activity and a way to motivate your employees? 

There are two options you could use here. The first is to open a competition for a redesign of the working environment – this can be on whatever scale your office needs! Introducing plants and a breakout area are great ways to make the environment more attractive, and if you specify a budget, your employees can come up with workable ideas to transform the workplace. We can advise you on what commercial office plants would be suitable for your environment and provide illustrations of planters to give your employees some inspiration. You could award a prize for your favourite suggestions, and we can offer you a maintenance package to ensure that the office stays looking great once the design is in place. 
The second alternative is to arrange a large scale team building event outside. This is ideal if you have some outdoor space that you aren’t making the most of. Use this as a social opportunity, with everyone getting together to achieve something, whether that is weeding a flowerbed, putting together a bench or putting in some new plants. Choose a time that is most convenient to your employees – a Friday afternoon often works well as everyone likes a chance to escape from the emails on a Friday! You will have the benefit of a lovely usable space that will be more attractive to your employees and visitors, and it works well to bring everyone in the workplace together. You could always add in an element of competition – can the finance team weed a section faster than sales? 
Allow us to introduce you to the variety of office plants & planters available and be inspired, give Yvonne a buzz 07802 206280 or Contact Us here.  
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