Stay safe in winter. Keep compliant with H&S


Keep your Business open by keeping your car park open

When do we decide to carry out gritting/salting?

We follow weather forecasts specifically for road conditions. When the temperature falls and roads and paths are slippery. We aim to cover all contracts before snow falls, the salt grit is more effective underneath snow. The action of tyre’s or feet, grind the grit into the snow.

In severe weather such as extreme minus temperatures or heavy snow fall additional salt grit can be used or after a heavy snow fall we can clear paths.

Even if freezing temperatures are predicted, there may be no need for precautionary salt gritting if: There is enough salt left from the previous treatment, or no rain has fallen and the roads are dry, as ice will not form

Although we make great efforts to keep the roads and paths clear, drivers must never assume that the roads are free from ice. Kill your speed and make your driving safer

 As part of the package, we can also supply and stock grit bins for your own use. We will restock as necessary.


For more information give Queen Bee Yvonne a buzz on the mobile hover line 07802206280