Flowering Bowl

Fresh flowers offer a warm welcome to your visitors but sometimes the cost can our weigh the benefit.

So as a ‘greener’ alternative to the weekly vase of flowers we are suggesting a planted flowering bowl.

The bowls can be co-ordinated to match your plant displays and planted up with any number of flowering plants.

Poinsettias around Christmas, spring bulbs around Easter, our imagination is our only limitation.

The choice is yours  

The Orchids are our top selling line followed closely by Guzmania. Both are well known for their exotic flower, vast colour range and longevity. Plus, the bonus for some of no scent to upset sensitive eyes.

We use 1 or 3 plants in a bowl, each Orchid has at least 2 stems offering plenty of flower heads and buds.

We aim to replace on a regular 6 weekly rota ensuring your welcome is always fresh Prices start from £11.00 per month + vat  


Give me a quick call, Yvonne 07802206280 if you would like a quick chat about options