Let me tell you a little about my business

Starting out in 1989…..yes 1989… with a handful of flyers and an old van I hoped to persuade local business’s their working environments would be improved with the addition of a few house plants – and a contract to maintain them. Well Milton Keynes, being the exciting vibrant ‘new’ city that it was, and still is now, believed me. And so Bumble Bees became real. I became Queen Bee. MD sounded far too serious

A few years passed, I took on part time help, then full time help. Then one day a very exasperated FD of a prestigious company watching his landscape contractors out of his office window, turned to me and said “Yvonne You can cut grass can’t you? “ So every 2 weeks, along with my watering can I put the mower on the van too. And so we ventured into grounds maintenance
We ticked along like this until I met Paul our Grounds Supervisor, who has a passion for plants. His knowledge of all things green is not to be sneezed at. As long as it has roots he’ll know what to do with it. Be it pruning or planting, mowing or mulching He knows. Paul is my main worker Bee, everyone else is just a drone

What do we do?

Bumble Bees offers regular and reliable planned maintenance. Both for external grounds and office plants. We can plant up from architect plans, we can coppice an overgrown woodland but our core business is an annual contract. Returning to your site at the specified frequency keeping that freshly planted shrub bed as perfect as the designer planned

Where do we work?

Bumble Bees is perfectly situated in Milton Keynes, Bucks, working within a 30 mile radius and also travelling into London. We like to plan our work projects in the most effective way possible and reduce our travel carbon footprint. To do this we plan a schedule of work across these regions to meet all our customers needs.

Who do we work with?

Bumble Bees are based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and work only within the commercial sector. This means that we offer landscaping services to businesses to help create and maintain their grounds.