Office plants with plant replacement guarantee

Making a greener environment with office plants in Milton Keynes

We supply office plants in milton keynes - live or artificial plant displays, either on a rental scheme or outright purchase. Our full maintenance program covers fortnightly service visits to water, feed, prune and clean both the plants and the planters. The levels of compost will also be topped up as required and the planter's top-dressed with lica.
Most importantly for you, any plant that fails will be replaced free of charge. (subject to contract)
Plants are selected to suit light levels, space and appearance from Holland. Weekly deliveries ensure prompt installations. We use as many different variety of plant size and height, leaf shape and colour as the environment allows.

Planters: We have a planter that will suit every interior, every location, every surface and every furniture trend. Breathe new life into your interior, make a striking dramatic impact with unique planters and vivid colour tones . Use wood, metal, synthetic or GRP to create that image
We work closely with you to ensure that your office planting creates the desired effect.

Fortnightly service visits to water, feed, prune and clean

Fully trained uniformed staff

Replace failed plants FREE of charge (subject to T&C’s)

High quality specimen plants from Holland

Planters available in any BS colour

Seasonal specialities - Christmas Trees - bare or decorated - delivered and removed

Hanging baskets, Topiary and summer bedding

New ranges now available

For more information give
Queen Bee Yvonne a buzz on the mobile hover line 07802206280

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