Seasonal Landscaping Tips

The needs of your plants and commercial grounds maintenance change throughout the year. Here is a broad outline of the types of activities needed to keep them healthy, tidy and safe.


March to May - The early part of the year is the time to make a good start on the external ground preparation, plant care and planting. These are the typical jobs that need to be scheduled at this time:

  • Hedge trimming before the end of May because of nesting birds
  • Complete spray of grounds for weed control
  • First grass cut of the season




June to September - The Summer season is crucial when building on the spring preparation work. Shape, colour and form are put in place and if done well the landscaping maintenance work required in the autumn and winter will be minimised.

  • Plant summer bedding
  • Regular mowing
  • Light summer prune




October to November - The autumn season provides the perfect conditions for the major care and control of the landscaping plants around your offices. This is also a time when the maintenance tasks can both prevent safety hazards as well as protec your investments in plants and materials.

  • Coppicing
  • Crown raising trees or tree reduction
  • Leaf clearing




December to February - The winter time can see the most urgent landscaping management services utilized that help with the day-to-day pedestrian and traffice access and effective utilization of the external business assets.

  • Salt gritting
  • Sweeping
  • Christmas


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