About Bumble Bees


At Bumble Bees, we pride ourselves on a highly professional team that still retains that special personal touch.

Our staff have a wealth of experience in commercial grounds maintenance, interior landscape management and container gardening.

Bumble Bees operates solely in our core business, commercial gounds maintenance and office plant provision and the services associated with our business. We do not engage in any other activity, in the belief that to do so would dilute our three fundamental principles on which our reputation is built; quality, reliability and value.

A Brief History

Bumble Bees was formed in 1989 by Yvonne Davies. It is a family run business based in Milton Keynes. Its primary business was that of providing office plants. In 1994 we expanded our services to include commercial landscape maintenance. In 1997 Yvonne won the Milton Keynes Women in Enterprise award. Bumble Bees has also grown through acquisition of small local companies in the same Industry. The company only employs local people and also works with local professional sub-contractors.

In the photos you can see Yvonne when she first started at a business exhibition in Middleton Hall, Milton Keynes in 1990. Also have a look at her first little yellow Bumble Bees van.


Where do we work?

Bumble Bees is perfectly situated in Milton Keynes, Bucks, working within a 30 mile radius and also travelling into London.

We like to plan our work projects in the most effective way possible and reduce our travel carbon footprint.

To do this we plan a schedule of work across these regions to meet all our customers needs.

Who do we work with?

Bumble Bees are based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and work only within the commercial sector.

We offer landscaping services to businesses, maintain their grounds, and our services extend indoors to the supply and maintenance of office plants. Fromthe smallest desk-top arrangement to large atriums.


Meet our Staff

All of our Bumble Bees staff are excellent hardworking team members who take great pride in their work. Importantly they are also fully trained in the use of their equipment, fully licensed and fully insured. You can rest-assured that your business grounds and office plants are in very good hands.


  • Yvonne Davies (Managing Director)
    Yvonne Davies is our Managing Director or more favourably known as "Queen Bee". Trained as a Florist and now has 25 years experience in the Industry. In 1997 she won the Women in Business Award and in 2007 we won an EFIG award for plant installation and design. She has specialised knowledge in large Atriums and large Ficus trees. Yvonne is particulary skilled at interior plant selection and pot design to provide the correct environment for your employees and business.
  • Bill Davies (Administrator)
    Bill assists in administration of the Company.
  • Rachael Davies MSc (Biol) (Non Exec Technical Director)
    Rachael worked with Bumble Bees as a part-time Plant Technician during her educational years. She obtained her BSc (Biol) in 2004 and left to work for ecological projects in New Zealand for 2 years. She then returned to Sussex University to complete her Masters in Plant Conservation. Rachael is now our Technical advisor on matters such as plant selection and eco-friendly methods of insect control. She is currently working for the extremely important world project,The Milennium Seed Bank Project, which is part of Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. http://www.kew.org/science-conservation/conservation-climate-change/millennium-seed-bank/index.htm
  • Tony Allington (Supervisor of Office Plant Contracts)
    Tony joined Bumble Bees in 2004. He is responsible for our larger contracts including Atriums and Large Trees. He is most ecological worker as he has a walking route around Central Milton Keynes and uses the train to service our London contracts. He is EFIG trained on pruning large specimen trees.
  • Sally Brooke (Plant Technician)
    Sally joined us in 2012 and is an ex School Teacher. She is is a lover of plants and is now fully trained. Sally mainly assists Tony in maintaining a large Atrium.
  • Paul Sams (Landscaping)
    Paul has over 25 years experience in the Industry. He even planted many of the trees in Dubai. He is a qualified Tree Surgeon and supervises our team of worker bees in all aspects of Landscaping.


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