Bringing fun to the workplace with new planting plans!

05/05/2016 09:26:56

When it comes to the benefits of plants in the workplace, you’ve probably thought of all the obvious ones

Plants and green spaces can boost staff health

19/04/2016 16:51:46

In 2013 British workers took 131 million days of sick leave, according to a report published by the Office

Make the most of your office grounds

04/04/2016 23:41:26

    We are often so locked in to whatever is happening inside our office that we don't give a moment's thought

Is your business's appearance deterring customers?

04/04/2016 23:29:40

  Even the most competitive pricing and the best customer service team will be irrelevant if the exterior of your business

Well kept grounds are good for you and your business

10/03/2016 09:13:36

  If you own a business or other type of commercial premises in or around Milton Keynes that has a garden

Happy workplaces are productive workplaces

18/02/2016 22:19:20

Happy workplaces are productive workplaces It shouldn’t come as news to anyone that happier workplaces are much more productive; employees who

Hello World

16/02/2016 23:02:49

Hello Everyone   Hello from bumble bees commercial landscapers, here you will find information on all our happenings and tips and and