Bringing fun to the workplace with new planting plans!

05/05/2016 09:26:56

When it comes to the benefits of plants in the workplace, you’ve probably thought of all the obvious ones

Plants and green spaces can boost staff health

19/04/2016 16:51:46

In 2013 British workers took 131 million days of sick leave, according to a report published by the Office

Make the most of your office grounds

04/04/2016 23:41:26

    We are often so locked in to whatever is happening inside our office that we don't give a moment's thought

Well kept grounds are good for you and your business

10/03/2016 09:13:36

  If you own a business or other type of commercial premises in or around Milton Keynes that has a garden

Happy workplaces are productive workplaces

18/02/2016 22:19:20

Happy workplaces are productive workplaces It shouldn’t come as news to anyone that happier workplaces are much more productive; employees who

Hello World

16/02/2016 23:02:49

Hello Everyone   Hello from bumble bees commercial landscapers, here you will find information on all our happenings and tips and and

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